The Story Behind Drop Zone Medical™

At the age of thirteen, owner of Drop Zone Medical™, Garrett Wiseman, started working for his family owned business. His duties ranged from yard maintenance to performing miscellaneous tasks, such; as staining decks. These were not ideal, but being that young, he was happy to receive some form of income. Throughout his teenage years, Garrett became more involved in his family owned business. He started working as a warehouse shipping clerk and over the next few summers, he learned the importance of how the warehouse and all of the company sectors intertwined, creating a well-oiled business. He mentored under the guidance of the president and became a leading asset to the company.

In 2012 Garrett left his hometown of Waynesboro, Virginia and moved to Fort Benning, Georgia for boot camp in the United States Army. He then transferred to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for his advanced individual training and then back to Fort Benning for Jump School. In 2015, he finished his tour of duty in the 82d Airborne Division, serving as a Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data System Specialist. Garrett has completed his enlistment term of service and has since moved back to the area.

At the age of 21 Garrett not only took on the role of husband, but also the role of father, to his 8 month old step son and daughter born shortly thereafter in 2015. Now having his roots planted back in his home town, Garrett decided it was time to pursue the venture of opening his own business. In November, 2016 he started, what turned out to be the lengthy process of creating Drop Zone Medical™. At the launch, he didn’t realize the multitude of steps there were to opening a business, but none the less, he diligently stuck with it. Over the span of several months, step after step, Garrett came ever closer to becoming a legitimate business owner. “I’m glad I chose the military over college, because it has given me a different perspective on life itself. My experiences have taught me to be humble as well as disciplined. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife, two beautiful, healthy children and a thriving Virginia certified micro business.”

“At a very young age, I knew I was destined to own and operate my own business. When serving time in the United States Army, the idea of servicing medical supplies was the path I wanted to pursue. The Army has played a key role in my success. I have learned that success can be achieved through discipline and a solid work ethic. Choose Drop Zone Medical™ and we will deliver quality products with unparalleled service.” – Owner, Garrett Wiseman

The United States Army teaches you to respect to your superiors. Garrett’s business philosophy is one in the same. Drop Zone Medical™ will provide prompt, up front service to its customers. Delivering Expertise, Landing You Savings™ is our number one goal. We would love the opportunity to service your needs.


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